instructions for use /

*please use as advised.


*please shake vigorously before use & cheers to nature!


recommended dosage & method:
*shot glass: 10ml tincture with 20ml mixer

*light drink: 25ml tincture with 100ml mixer
*strong drink: 50ml tincture with 100ml mixer

(mix with still/sparkling water, or a juice, as desired - with a squeeze of lemon/lime, if suitable)

*please drink in moderation.


*please don't drink & drive, take a ride!


*please keep out of reach of children. 18+

*this product is a dietary-supplement and not a balanced diet replacement.

*this product contains alcohol and is not recommended for pregnant women.


*our content, products & services, are not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice.


*content provided in this site and adjoining sites are for informational purposes only.


*please consult with a healthcare professional - information on this and associated sites should not be considered as substitutes for advice from a healthcare professional.

*upon deposit confirmation, the parcel will be posted within 3 working days, monday to friday, aiming for the same or following day.

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