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this page introduces a 100% unique solution, one that provides: 100% more volume, 50% less energy, 50% of beverage sales, 100% longer life, 100% more choice, 100% more secure, 100% pure-food product

it addresses issues of global food waste, over-consumption of energy, water/beverage/food supply and stocks, inventory and tracking system, disaster relief areas that need a selection of prepared meals and water

it solves most current variables in the food-chain that allow damage & demise with 1 simple solution/formula

it eliminates packaging, allows chefs & creators to get their creations out there more easily, healthily, safely

it gives large variety of instant-available fresh produce + wide selection of raw & prepared 'purpose-products'

it reduces the need to depend on staff to prepare recipes correctly, cuts prep-time in half, deters stealing


it allows for minimal processing, uniform handling, no need for preservatives, colorants, chemicals, sugar

because it doesn't yet exist as a method, it secures greater part of entire process of farm to fork production

it is accessible to all professional venues and personal households as 'everyone' has a freezer


*coconut *wheatgrass *strawberry *mango

 (pictures are symbolic) 

the cube: 50ml frozen-juices / pulps / mylks / creams / applies to most consumables

beverage-creations: mixes / cocktails / mocktails / juices / shakes / smoothies

food-creations: breakfasts / meals / spreads / dips / sauces / soups / desserts

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*unify all fruits in shape, size, shipping and handling methods, year-long availability, at equal affordable cost

the cube-tubex: box / 16-tubes of 4x50ml cubes / 200ml perportion / 3.2 liters per box / 15cm3


 wide range potential applications:

  1. yachts & cruise liners, airports & islands

  2. hotels & resorts

  3. restaurants & bars

  4. supermarkets & gas-stations

  5. outlets/pos & ordering/delivery

  6. military & space

  7. disaster relief & charity organizations

  8. schools & educational facilities

  9. offices & home

  10. gyms & sports facilities

  11. general public & partners



*opening faces on 2 sides = 1568 'windows' of 4-cube-portions = 6272 50ml portions/ingredients at disposal

the cube-tubet: pallet / 7 x 7 x 7 boxes / 343 boxes / 105cm3 / <1100 liters volume

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*20-foot / 6-meter refrigerated container aka reefer allows standard transport, storage, stocks orders supply

the cube-tuber: reefer / 20 pallets / 6860 boxes / 439040 cubes / <22000 liters volume

suggested selling price:

   > 25 euro cents per cube

   > 1 euro per portion

   > 16 euro per box

   > 5488 euro per pallet

   > 109760 euro per reefer

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did you know?

*the USA lost 161 billion dollars to food waste in 2010 alone?

*the EU wastes 88 million tonnes of generated food - costing 143 billion euros annually?

*30%-40% of all fresh produce is thrown away - translating to about 25% of global water supply?

*78% of shipped food produce was shipped by reefer-containers in 2018?

*flash-freezing ripe produce captures and stores its ripe essence for at least 1 year?

*keeping something frozen is half as energy consumptive as keeping something chilled?

*the cube is most volume-consuming of shapes as opposed to circular fruits that underutilize capacity?

*starting month with 6 boxes stock potentially provides base breakfast+lunch+dinner for 32 days?

*'no-one' wants the peel/core/seed/effort/energy/mess/prep/waste that producers/suppliers provide?

*compared to cubes, bananas need 2x the space, energy and handling to finally throw 40%/peel away?

*when most hotels, restaurants, bars and people order oranges, they really want the juice and pulp?


*it's the inside that counts? ;)

contact:     +386 70 445 886